// Pleh.info: Old content in PDF format

Sadly I'm kinda slow at the moment when it comes to uploading the old content back to Pleh.info. Mainly because this month is rather busy with work, birthdays, etc.

So for the time being I'm making the last two documents that I want to put back on Pleh.info available in PDF format.

You can find these files here:

I hope that the scripts in there are displayed well enough, in time I'll make a proper post out of those two documents but for now the PDF will have to do.

On the previous site I also had some content about MunkiReport but the content is outdated so I'll repost that when I've had time to redo the entire document.

Sorry for taking so long, hopefully you'll enjoy these PDF's for the time being :)


// Update: Wiki page

I've updated the wiki page to contain an automated list of all the wiki content for you to browse to.

It will show a few major categories with all the wiki pages they contain.

Right now I only have 1 page so it will show just a little, though eventually it will grow to be an easy to browse page.

For those that were wondering, this is all done with the plugin pagequery, the code I use on that page right now shows the content of a DokuWiki namespace and sorts it alphabetically:

{{pagequery>@wiki:mac_os_x *;sort=a:asc;group;proper;cols=2;}}

In a similar way I'll be adding categories like: Linux, BSD, Networking, etc.


// The new and improved Pleh.info

As you can see Pleh.info has been renewed and I can honestly say it's all for the better :)

So what changed? Well, for starters I'm not using Wordpress any more! Instead I'm now using DokuWiki. Why? Because it allows me to use proper syntax highlighting, nicely displaying scripts or other configuration files, allowing for easy downloading those scripts and configuration files, etc.

For a taste of these benefits you can have a look at this page syntax.

In addition DokuWiki has some pretty good plugins that allow me to use blog features and make things a bit more secure :)

Below the list of plugins that I'm using:

  • BlogTNG: A next generation blog plugin for DokuWiki.
  • CAPTCHA: Use an image verification (CAPTCHA) to defeat spambots.
  • Bad Behaviour: Test various headers and other HTTP related behavior for bad spiders and spammers.
  • Wrap: Universal plugin which combines the functionality of many other plugins. Wrap wiki text inside containers (divs or spans) and give them a class (choose from a variety of preset classes), a width and/or a language with its associated text direction.
  • Pagequery: An all-in-one multipurpose navigation plugin to create index pages; search/filter by full-text or page name; display in columns, grouped, sorted, even preview snippet/tooltip.

Overall I'm pleased with the results, I've gained allot of functionality which wasn't really possible with Wordpress. In addition I'm able to combine my blog with a wiki, posting technical things in the wiki and using the blog for information purposes.

Anyway, in the upcoming weeks I'll be adding the old content back to the site. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to add them as blog posts or as a wiki article, but you'll see eventually ;)

For now, enjoy the site and I promise you can expect some good things in the future.

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