// Wiki: Mac OS X - OD Scripts

These are a few scripts we use for registering and unregistering Macs to an OD server.

Quite useful for those that administer allot of Macs, they save you some manual labour.


// Wiki: Mac OS X - rsync script

I've made a wiki entry for rsync scripts under Mac OS X.

Sometimes you need to schedule syncs, it's obvious to use rsync + launchd but I found the end result not to be so obvious ;)

The rsync script listed a.t.m. is an expect script taking into account that you have to enter a passphrase. . . Annoying but it works like a charm for syncing between two Mac servers or clients.

Have fun:


// Mac OS X Server - Enterprise Backup Solutions

If you run your own Apple server then you’ll also (obviously) need to think about backing up whatever is on that server (user home directories, shares, mail data, websites, databases, etc.). For that purpose you could use Time Machine, but from my personal experience I’d have to say that Time Machine really won’t scale that well when your environment grows.

So, when that happens you have to look at the big toys out there and the “real” backup software. But which one?

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