// Wiki: Mac OS X - OD Scripts

These are a few scripts we use for registering and unregistering Macs to an OD server.

Quite useful for those that administer allot of Macs, they save you some manual labour.


// Wiki: Mac OS X - rsync script

I've made a wiki entry for rsync scripts under Mac OS X.

Sometimes you need to schedule syncs, it's obvious to use rsync + launchd but I found the end result not to be so obvious ;)

The rsync script listed a.t.m. is an expect script taking into account that you have to enter a passphrase. . . Annoying but it works like a charm for syncing between two Mac servers or clients.

Have fun:


// Wiki: bash_profile

I've added a wiki page for ~/.bash_profile, it shows my current contents and a little explanation.

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